The Redpath Summer Experience

Our summer experience program is a chance for you to explore a career in public accounting. We’ll show you what a day in the life of a CPA is likeβ€”during busy season and outside of it. Our hope is that this program provides you with a clear picture of the culture and career opportunities that await you at Redpath and Company.

The program takes place at our downtown St. Paul office and includes:


Partners will welcome you to our office in downtown St. Paul and introduce you to the history and core value of our firm. You’ll have the chance to ask them questions about Redpath, public accounting, and their careers.

Job Shadow

You’ll spend time with a Redpath team member learning about their job and public accounting. They’ll go through sample work with you to give you an introduction to the kind of work we do.

Mississippi River Cruise

Enjoy a cruise down the Mississippi River with Redpath team members. Employees ranging from Professional Staff to Partners will be there to learn more about you and answer any questions you have.

Former Intern and New Employee Panel

Redpath team members and former interns will answer your questions about public accounting. Whether it’s about the CPA exam, tax vs. audit, or a career at Redpath, our team members will be there to help.

Are you interested in applying for the summer experience or an accounting internship in Minneapolis/St. Paul?


Allison M
Allison M
Summer Experience Participant
β€œWow, was I blown away by the culture at Redpath. As I’m entering my senior year, I’m stressing about the little things, like finding a place to work where I will fit in. I think I found a great culture fit at Redpath. I cannot express how much I appreciated all the information that I was given through this program.”
Patrick G
Patrick G
Summer Experience Participant
β€œI wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the Summer Experience Program. I learned a lot about Redpath and the people who work there. Everyone I met was very easy to talk to, inclusive, and friendly. The job shadow, intern panel, and paddle boat ride were such a positive experiences. Being able to talk to people from tax and audit, as well as government and not for profit was a great way to get in-depth information about public accounting.”