Gain confidence and reduce risk in your lending.

Expertise Rooted in Commercial Finance

Your lender services advisory team brings years of experience in the commercial finance industry, including time spent on the lender side and also as third-party service providers. This means they can inherently understand engagement nuances and address your specific lending requirements while maximizing process efficiencyβ€”and ultimately empower you to make smart, strategic, and informed decisions.

A Customized Approach

A custom service approach eliminates standardized procedures to help ensure the risk assessment is not β€œone-size-fits-all.” Your advisory team will have deep familiarity with the terms sheet and employ a meticulous diligence process that addresses all your specific needsβ€”and help you identify risk in your clients’ collateral.

Consistent Service

Lender services engagements are not used as training for associate level employees. You get a seasoned expert with a track record of providing a consistent and quality customer service experience every time. Advisors are full-time, internally hired employees that are focused solely on the lender services practice area. A dedicated engagement team means you know what to expectβ€”and they know what to expect of youβ€”each and every time. This results in efficiently delivering the expert insights you need and meeting your stringent deadlines.

Specialized Services

Lender Services Collateral Evaluation
  • AR and inventory borrowing base calculations
  • Reconciliations
  • Collateral trend analysis
  • Customer/product concentrations
  • Reserve analysis
  • Working capital analysis
  • Substantive testing
  • Internal controls assessment
  • Treasury schematics assessment
  • Insurance assessment
  • Tax liability analysis
  • Credit facility compliance
Quality of Earnings
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cash conversion
  • Risk and value driver identification

Your Lender Services Practice Area Leader

Andrew Kizer

Managing Director, Lender Services Practice Area

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