Welcome to your portal.Client Portal Update - Redpath and Company

We partner with Suralink to provide updated portal technology to exchange information securely and efficiently.

  • A single source of requests to replace multiple email trails
  • Client access to deliverables 24/7
  • More visibility of what information is requested and what is provided by both firm and client perspectives
  • More accountability on both sides, which includes an audit trail of exchanges
  • More monitoring capabilities on the status of engagements through the use of dashboards and reporting

It’s crucial to have the correct people authorized to access information. If you’ve never done soβ€”attached is a consent form to identify the best point of contact for your organization. This person should be authorized to add other users, if appropriate, and in working with Redpath staff, make sure appropriate access is given or taken away. Please return a signed form for each engagement at your earliest convenience to begin the exchange of information as soon as possible.

Get to Know the Suralink Portal

Here is a short introductory packet to Suralink. More documentation and tutorials are available upon login. We’d be happy to walk you through anything one-on-one if you have questions.

If you have any questions, please call your Redpath and Company engagement team member or your client manager directly. You can also call our main line at 651-426-7000.