Tax Services

The best tax planning strategies are created with your goals in mind. Whether you are thinking about business tax services or personal tax servicesโ€”or are just too busy to think about your current tax situation at allโ€”your tax team will provide you with unmatched attention, guide you through the process, and put your mind at ease.

Business Tax

For owners of closely held businesses, sound tax planning is essential to making informed decisions in all aspects of your personal and business finances.

Personal Tax

As a business owner or a high net worth individual, you most likely do not spend enough time focused on your personal financial health. At Redpath and Company, we work with you to understand your objectives and find tax strategies that balance your short-term and long-term financial goals.

Estate, Gift, and Trust

On the long list of priorities in your life, estate planning and strategic wealth transfer may not be at the top. But they should be. A dedicated Redpath and Company adviser focused only on estate planning provides you with a resource you can turn to throughout the year.

International Tax

Whether you buy, sell, or operate in several countries, or youโ€™re planning your first steps abroad, Redpath and Company will guide you through the long list of issues and concerns that could impact your business.

Sales and Use Tax

Thereโ€™s no better time than now to review your state sales tax filing requirements. Our team will complete a review of your state activities to identify and quantify any tax exposure or liabilities.

State and Local Tax

State and local tax laws can be complex and difficult to understand. At Redpath and Company, we can help you navigate the unknowns of doing business in multiple states.

Employee Benefits

With so many choices, rules, and regulations governing retirement plans, it can often become a difficult task to identify the best option for your business. Whether youโ€™re looking to adopt or amend a plan, our team can help you better understand your options and make it easy to decide whatโ€™s best for you.

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