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As an employee-owned (ESOP) firm , we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with employee ownership. Redpath and Company provides first-hand knowledge and expertise to help existing ESOP companiesβ€”and those companies considering an ESOP transactionβ€”thrive financially and culturally. 


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In addition to working with ESOP clients, we also help companies consider an ESOP structure. Our specialized team will help you understand how an ESOP works, the benefits and risks of employee ownership, what the roll out process looks like, and whether or not your business is a good candidate for an ESOP.


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We believe in ESOPs, and enjoy applying our first-hand knowledge and expertise to help ESOP companies thrive financially and culturally. Our dedicated ESOP team stays up-to-date with relevant issues and legislation through involvement and committee leadership roles in the ESOP community.


Your ESOP Industry Team Leader

Brian Sweeney, CPA

Audit Partner, Client Manager, ESOP Team Leader

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