Employee-Owned Companies (ESOPs)

Leverage ESOP Experts
To Create & Preserve Value

Being employee-owned creates a special company culture and requires unique expertise when it comes to your numbers and business strategy. Whether you are already an ESOP or just wondering if offering employees stock ownership is the right option, Redpath’s ESOP Team can help you. Understand the tax implications of your decisions better and seize opportunities for your company and employees to thrive. 


Consider Becoming an ESOP

Whether you are exit planning, looking for tax advantages, or want to change the culture of your company, we can help you decide whether becoming an ESOP is the right path for you. Fully analyze the benefits and risks by getting a clear picture of each option and its impact. Learn about restructuring as an S or C Corp before becoming an ESOP. Our experts can explain how the rollout process works and whether or not your business is a good candidate. Be informed on tax implications, employee engagement, and the transaction process.


Strengthen Your Existing ESOPs

Navigate the complexities of being an ESOP with advisors who are up-to-date on all the relevant  regulations you face. Ensure fiduciary responsibilities are covered and your financial performance is optimized. Mitigate risk, tax plan strategically, model potential business decisions, and improve your financial reporting to protect your employee-led culture. 


Specialized ESOP Services

From a feasibility study to a valuation to the complex reporting requirements that come with being an ESOP, you will have advisors who understand your unique challenges. Inspire confidence in your employee-owners with clear financials that chart your way forward. Whether you need accounting support or audit services to help maintain compliance, Redpath can help you.

ESOP Plan Audit
Tax Planning
Transaction Consulting
Feasibility Study
Repurchase Obligation Study
ESOP Accounting
Employee Communication & ESOP Education Consulting
Management Transition Planning


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