Karl Neset

Karl Neset is an accomplished professional offering over 20 years of expertise in improving organizational finance and operational processes. He serves as a solid foundation and knowledgeable advisor and manager, utilizing excellent leadership and communication skills to provide guidance and direction to executive leaders, governing boards, staff, and business partners. Karl effectively analyzes financial data, recommends improvements, executes financial tools, systems, and accounting measures that drive profitable performance, limits costs, and significantly improve overall profit margins and cash flow. He has been with Redpath and Company as Business Development Manager and Fractional CFO since 2022.

Startup Accounting Tips After Seed Funding is Secured

You’ve hit a big milestone in startup accounting—investor funding. That’s huge, but it’s not where...

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Red Flags in An Accounting Department

Sound finances are the foundation of your business. So, how are things going with your accounting...

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The Cost (or Cost Savings) of Hiring Outsourced Accounting Services

August 12, 2021 - Should you consider outsourced accounting services? Business owners make...

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Do You Need an Outsourced Accounting Partner?

October 11, 2022 - Sometimes, it's clear to business owners that they need accounting help. Be it...

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