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The importance of IT podcast image

The Importance of IT in M&A Transactions

When we talk about mergers and acquisitions, we tend to focus on financials and physical assets. But what about the company’s technology assets—and...

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Transactional Lending cover photo

Commercial Lending for M&A Transactions

A merger or acquisition typically needs some form of specialized bank financing, as funding an M&A deal is unique and complex in many ways. What...

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M&S sellers at table discussing transaction

Managing Seller Expectations in Proprietary Transactions [PODCAST]

Managing expectations is always part of any M&A transaction–for both buyers and sellers. However, it becomes even more important when a business...

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How will current economic events affect M&A

How Will Current Economic Events Affect M&A?

The dramatic failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank remind us that the banking and investment environment is intertwined with the overall...

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M&A Transaction Advisors Explain Purpose-Driven Financing [PODCAST]

“There is always a human reason a business owner wants to sell their business.” So notes Michael Hubsmith of True North M&A, a recent guest on The...

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Investors shaking hands, Podcast template

What Family Office Investors Look For in a Business [PODCAST]

Every family office is unique—with its own objectives, strategies, and time horizons. However, if you are looking to attract investment in your...

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Transactional abstract M&A podcast

Expert Legal and Tax Tips for M&A Transactions [PODCAST]

While the focus in mergers and acquisitions is often getting to the closing, before a purchase agreement is even signed there are key legal and...

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How to Attract Mezzanine Capital

How to Attract Mezzanine Capital [PODCAST]

If you are a business owner looking to raise capital, or possibly eyeing your own exit, you may have the perfect companion in a mezzanine capital...

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Selling a business, finger pointing to screen, podcast overlay

Is A Bespoke Approach from A Family Office Right for Selling Your Business?

You could sell your business to a private equity firm or a group of financial investors. Or, you might prefer a family office–an investment firm...

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M&A Advice for Selling A Family Business with mom, dad, and child in plant store

M&A Advice for Selling A Family Business [PODCAST]

You (or your parents or your grandparents) built a successful business. That is a great accomplishment. If the time comes to sell all or part of it...

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