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Business Valuation

Mind the GAAP Podcast: Valuation Lessons Learned from Connelly vs. United States

Valuation Lessons Learned from Connelly vs. United States [PODCAST]

Emmett Mulcahy, Partner and Valuation Services Practice Lead at Redpath and Company, joined Mind the GAAP host, Sean Sullivan, to discuss the impact...

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M&A Market Update: 2023 Year-in-Review and 2024 Outlook

M&A Market Update: 2023 Year-in-Review and 2024 Outlook [PODCAST]

Mike Hirschberg, Director at Northborne Partners, joined Joe Hellman, Partner at Redpath and Company, to reflect on 2023 M&A activity and discuss the...

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three business people working at a desk with a laptop, clipboard, and pen.

Deal Sourcing with Private Equity or Growth Investors [PODCAST]

In a recent episode of The Transaction Abstract, Joe Hellman welcomed Adam Letson, Principal at TT Capital Partners. Adam specializes in deal...

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businesswoman analyzing charts and data on her laptop

Raising Capital for Your Business [PODCAST]

In a recent episode of The Transaction Abstract, Joe Hellman sat down with Thomas DeMinico, Director of the Middle Market M&A Advisory Group with...

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business man and business woman sitting at a conference table discussing M&A

M&A Buyer Types and What To Know When Selling Your Business [PODCAST]

To execute a high-multiple sale for any business, you need the right buyer. Finding that buyer is a challenge in any economy, but it has gotten more...

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business people shaking hands over a m&a, merger and acquisition

What is a Retrade in an M&A Transaction and Can You Prevent It? [PODCAST]

As a business owner, entering into a sell transaction can be a bit overwhelming. Now imagine you are getting to the doorstep, days or weeks away from...

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two colleagues reviewing business performance charts on a laptop and tablet - ioi and loi review

IOIs, LOIs, and the Homestretch of a Business Transaction [PODCAST]

Once you have begun receiving interest from buyers, you might feel like you are in the homestretch of your business transaction. In actuality,...

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man and woman looking at large graph of a business analysis and stats - business valuation

Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Business Valuations May Mean Money Left on the Table [PODCAST]

Businesses have valuations done for a variety of reasons ranging from gift and estate tax planning, to annual ESOP (employee stock ownership plan)...

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Businessman's hands at a desk, using a computer and making notes on paper with a pen. M&A concept, business transaction, business value, selling business

What Can Increase or Decrease the Value of Your Business? [PODCAST]

If you are selling your business, proving profitability is likely one of your main priorities. In the world of business transactions, being in the...

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Two white men at table discussing business. M&A, sale, marketing, buyer concept.

The Marketing Phases of a Sell-Side M&A Transaction, Explained [PODCAST]

The world of mergers and acquisitions can seem like a whirlwind – then, it can slow to a crawl at the drop of a hat. The average deal takes about six...

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